13. Doug Patt – Architect/ Author/ Teacher/ Inventor – ‘How to Architect’ – Using YouTube to Share His Love of Architecture

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Doug Patt is an Architect and so much more. Although he is best known for his book, website and YouTube channel ‘How to Architect’, he is mostly a passionate designer of high-end residential architecture. Then there is his Architect’s Academy where he teaches online classes to students from all over the globe. With over 8,000,000 YouTube views and 64,000+ subscribers Doug has created a huge following while exposing what it is really like to be an Architect to the public and those considering a career in Architecture. Doug is also a product developer and inventor of the Architect’s Birdfeeder. He is a multi-faceted designer to say the least with an enthusiasm for design that is contagious.

 Show Notes

Doug Patt – AIA, Architect/ Author / Teacher/ Inventor/Entrepreneur

How to Architect – Consulting & Architecture – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Author: ‘How to Architect’ – MIT Press

Teacher: The Architects Academy; How to Architect – YouTube channel

Products: The Architect’s Birdfeeder


Education: B.S Architecture & B. Architecture – Penn State University

Masters in Architecture – University of Pennsylvania

Size of Firm: 1

Project Types: High-end custom residential new construction, some remodel

Topics we discuss in our conversation:

 The Power of Ideas

The importance of Construction Administration

The Complexity of High-end Architecture

Learn by Doing

‘How to Architect’ – What is it? What inspired it? Who watches it?

The Architect’s Academy

Product Development

A very cool bird feeder

Connecting with a big audience through video

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