14. Bob Borson – Architect/ Blogger – Living and Talking about the ‘Life of an Architect’

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Bob Borson is one of the better-known Architects in over 200 countries, but not for the reasons most Architects are well known. Bob is the author of the popular blog ‘Life of an Architect – what it’s like to be and work with an architect’. His personal, frank style of talking about everything he encounters in his professional life resonates with over 4 million readers a year.  In our conversation we talk about his current professional life and recently becoming a partner, the importance of knowing how to talk to people, shifting roles during your career, and even his blog. (he hates that title)


Show Notes


 Bob Borson –Architect/ Blogger/ AIA, LEED, AP

Principal – Malone Maxwell Borson Architects – Dallas, Texas

Blog – ‘The Life of an Architect’

Education: B.S Architecture – University of Texas at Austin

Size of Firm: 8

Project Types: Mostly high-end custom residential, Commercial

Topics we discuss in our conversation:

 Becoming a partner after 22 years

The unexpected benefit of the blog to the business

Saying what others in the profession are thinking

Who is the audience for ‘Life of an Architect’

How the blog has informed how Bob practices Architecture

Learning from contractors

The reality of LEED in a residential project


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