2. Tim Alatorre – The Go Go Stage of a Small Architecture Firm

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Tim Alatorre

Tim Alatorre – Architect

Tim Alatorre is an Architect and partner in De Jesus & Alatorre Architects. They have two offices in Northern California. He is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and does a podcast for the Architecture department there. His Architecture firm is currently going through a growth phase as the economy recovers in 2014. The partnership does project types ranging from churches, government buildings, multi family residential, custom residential and restaurants. I thought this conversation was good from the perspective of talking to an owner that has just started to recover after the recession and showing how fast things can change when things pick back up.

Show Notes

Tim Alatorre
Partner/ Architecture
de Jesus an Alatorre Architects Inc.
Concord, California

Education: Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo, California – Bachelors Degree Architecture 2006
Licensed in California as Architect

Size of Firm: 6-7 designers & support
Partner is Conrad de Jesus

Project Types: Primarily in Northern California; Churches, Government buildings, Multi family residential, Custom residential, Multi use development, Condominiums, Residential remodels and Restaurants

Topics we discuss in our conversation:
The importance of licensure
What Tim loves about Cal Poly SLO Architecture
The business side of business
Classes he thinks you should take in college
Expanding the business
Sources of new work
The importance of good client relationships
His biggest failure
Managing expectations
Measuring profitability
Their competition called them out on low pricing
Clients and Construction Administration
Perceived value
Working with Interior Designers and Landscape Architects
Tim’s surprise hobby

Preferred Technology:
3D information management – Revit by Autodesk
Bluetooth laser measurement device – with tablet

Fixed fees with clear scope definition

Profit Generators
Construction documents

Developers – repeat

Links & Resources Mentioned:
http://www.sloarch.com/ – Podcast

  • Jeff

    Tim and I have worked on some projects together and we are both Cal Poly alum, and he does a podcast for Arch at Cal poly. Great perspectives from an Architect that has a larger perspective because of his ties to the school of Architecture while still running a business like the rest of us.

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