15. Judy Davis, Anice Hoachlander, Allen Russ – Photographing Spaces Inside & Out

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Judy Davis, Anice Hoachlander and Allen Russ are professional photographers focused on Architecture, Architectural Interiors and Landscape Architecture. In our discussion we cover some of the key considerations to keep in mind when hiring a professional photographer for your work as a Design Professional. We also discuss their second business Photographing Spaces, which helps others understand how to take better photos through workshops and webinars. Whether you take photos of your own work or have it done by a professional, there is loads of great information in this conversation.


Show Notes

Judy Davis, Anice Hoachlander, Allen Russ – Professional Photographers

Photographing Spaces – Teaching the Art of Architectural Photography

Hoachlander Davis Photography LLC –Washington DC



Company Focus

Architecture, Architectural Interiors & Landscape Architecture photography


Topics we discuss in our conversation:

When to use a professional photographer

When to use people in your photos

Options for copyright on your photos

Best times to photograph depending on where it will be used

Establishing the narrative of your photos

Using Photographing Spaces as a knowledge resource

The cost of a professional photographer


Links & Resources Mentioned:

Photographing Spaces – http://www.photographingspaces.com/architectural-photography-resources-links-for-architects/


Hoachlander Davis Photography – http://www.hdphoto.com/index.php#mi=1&pt=0&pi=1&s=0&p=0&a=0&at=0


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