3. Amy Conner-Murphy

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Amy Conner-Murphy – Architect

Amy Conner-Murphy is an Architect in Ashville, North Carolina. She is the Principal at ACM Design Architecture & Interior Design. Her firm is focused on Custom Residential Design. Amy received her Bachelors of Science degree in Architecture from Auburn University. This conversation covers a wide variety of topics ranging from getting started as an Architect, balancing family and business, construction administration, managing relationships with clients and the importance of having a good mentor. Amy talks about setting up her business at a size that allows her to stay connected to the part of the work she enjoys most, avoiding the temptation so many of us struggle with. Enjoy!

ACM Design Architecture & Interior Design since approx. 2004
Asheville, North Carolina

Education: BS in Architecture from Auburn University

Visited an office and fell in love with Architecture when she was a teenager in high school.

Project Types: Custom Residential, Residential Renovation, Construction administration

Team: Principal Architect, Architect with 15 years construction experience, marketing and interior designer

Things we discuss in our conversation:
Working with a team of preferred contractors
Amy’s professional development path up to self-employment
Satellite offices
The benefits of a mentor
Balancing family and work life
How real life experience informs our design thinking
Creating a sense of place in residential design
Vetting potential clients
The importance of work ethic
Parents supporting their kids in college
The need for shared values in a partnership
Connecting deeply with clients and how that benefits the design

Fixed fees

Profit Generators:
Design & Construction documents
Construction Administration

Marketing Strategy:
Web optimization
Blog for the community
Social sites


Preferred Technology:
Hand sketching for concept
Hand rendering drawings with color
Auto CAD

  • Tom Wortham

    Interview with Amy C is a pride for Amy and for you Jeff; two professionals happily sharing their life’s work and coaching their colleagues. The depth you led Amy will led her reflect that she did not hold back when describing a Design Life Pro in the working and living world.
    Her children will smile hearing this interview …. they will recognize a practical, talented business woman with solid values; a good mom I bet.

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